5 Interesting Facts About Baby Animals

                                           A leopard’s cub
When they’re born these animals weigh about a pound. They are usually 6 inches long. Their eyes and eyes are usually shut. But they’re able to make some noise. Since they’re able to smell they always stay close to their mother. They’re born after 100 days. They’re mostly attacked by snakes.
A cub opens its own after birth after ten days. It has blue eyes that usually turn yellow over time as it grows. It survives only on the mother’s breastfeeding.
When they attain the age of 18 months they’re able to hunt small animals like rabbits. It is fully able to hunt when it learns all the skills at the age of two years.
                               Baby Baboon
These animals usually cling to the chest of their mother when she swings between the trees. It takes 6 months for them to be born. At birth, their eyes are usually open. They usually ride on their mother’s chest first then after time they shift to their mother’s back. These animals are very alert and intelligent. After several weeks they’re able to swing from tree to tree and also take care of themselves. Most of the baboon’s babies play around with their peers as their mothers watch over them. These babies are sometimes attacked by snakes and eagles.
                              Groundhog baby
It stays in the burrow its mother digs for it. Before its birth, the mother prepares the burrow and lines grass that is soft to ensure her baby is cozy. When they are grown up they’re called whistle-pigs. When being born they’re usually pink and hairless. They only have senses of smell at birth. Due to them not having hair they stay close to their mother to get warmth.
When hungry they make squeaking sounds and they only breastfeed on their mother’s milk. Their eyes open when they’re four weeks old. Later on, their mother brings flowers for them to eat since they’re soft. They’re mostly eaten by snakes which can detect their sounds.
                                Baby sloth
It clings on its mother’s fur for several minutes after birth since they’ve strong natural grip instinct.
A baby sloth is born after four-months. When it’s being born it has fur and its eyes are open.
The baby stays with its mother for one eye as it grows
                                 Baby Hyena
A hyena’s baby is called a cub. Hyena gives birth to two or three cubs. The stronger cubs push away weaker cubs so as it does not breastfeed from the mother.
It takes 110 days for a cub to be born. Their weight at birth is one pound. Their color is black fur but after three weeks their furs start lightening up as spots appear on them.
Baby Animals are born under the different varying condition as we’ve seen from the above examples. Which give us 5 interesting facts about baby animals.

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